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Fishing Reports

Fishing Reports
 Danielle "Dany" Perdue
Dany will be providing reports from Waccasassa River
north to Horseshoe Beach area

Adam Whitston
Adam will be giving a detailed Flyfishing Report from Crystal River to the Waccasassa River area.

Jacinda Rose
Jacinda will be giving a report on not only the Crystal River and south report but also Kayak input

                                                         Fishing Reports from the Gulf     Ending 2/15

Report from Ozzella Area 
And so, another week of windy weather, low tides & finicky fish in Ozello has come to pass! One benefit over the previous week, was more sunshine to help warm the water a bit! 

The water temps in Ozello are ranging from low 60s to low 70s, depending on the water level! The more shallow it is, the warmer it is once the sun starts to shining!! Started one day in 60 degree water, and by mid afternoon was in 70 degree water! 

The water clarity is getting better & better here in Oz, too! Careful, though! If you can see the fish, they can see you! Stay back as far as possible when casting so as not to spook them! 

Decent slot trout have been hanging low in the deeper water columns...3-4' of water or more. Best to use a jighead with your favorite soft plastic or shrimp and bounce it slowly along the bottom. Several gator trout were spotted hanging out on shallow, grassy flats and in sandy potholes. Textbook gator trout! Lol
Sadly, these were spotted as we spooked them while cruising our kayaks across the flats! Me always being after the redfish, i had my destination in mind & wasn't thinking "gator trout"! I will be now though! 

A lot of big reds are holding up in the shallow flats, hiding from the wicked wind & warming in the sun. Getting them to eat is a different story! As much as i trust my live shrimp, this week, only the little fiesty redfish would touch them. Gulp jerkbaits brought in a few overslot reds. They're definitely here, but finicky as all get out!! 

This next week shows the temps rising & holding through the week. Rain, fog & wind will be factors, but at least there will be a steady pattern for a few days! As I've said, this fluctuation in temps has the fish confused! They're not sure where they should be right now! Gotta love these Florida winters!! 

Hope you all get out on the water this week!! Until next time.... Tight Lines & Good Times, Y'all! 😁🎣 🐠 Catch Em Up!!

Jacinda :)

Denny Seabright- Owner at Backcountry Chronicles
Fishing report for Yankeetown, Fl
Yankeetown area Report:

The fishing in the back has been good on the rising tide, of course that is when we do most of our fishing so go figure.
   This past week freelined shrimp or one on a pink Jim's Jig has been out producing my favorite mega Mud Minnow.
 Why is a mystery to me as the water temps are getting warmer you would think they would be less Lethargic.
Next Saturday is Missy Kings Tournament and it should be a great time for all. Check our Facebook share on it and make sure you get in on it. Its for a great cause and it's going to be a good time with some awesome payouts. The tide should favor us Back Country dwellers so think about it hard.
  We didn't fish a whole lot this week as this was my week off in the winter, I fish hard on the tides starting tomorrow and will be going out alone to scout and just Chill while Mrs Tee is selling Bait at Captains Cove in Ingis, Go by get some shrimp and say howdy. :)
   I will post on the face book page tomorrow afternoon what I find back there but in the meantime mount up and get em wet.